Park shape generation

I have experimented with squared parks with 4 entrances at each side. The first example shows just two paths crossing in the middle. A small round square is place at the intersection, which could be a square, rombus etc. A second type of the park is where the regions are cut ellipses centred at the park […]


I have decided to work on generation of parks. This should be pluggable into the existing city creation framework. The input to the system should be A polygon on the plane We consider a park on the flat surface for simplicity. Street network (optionally) The park can contain a street network that has been constructed […]

Park polygonal composition

Major part of park construction is partitioning of the input polygon into subregions that shall represent the functional components of the park. For example the basic park would contain a flowerbed in the middle surrounded by a green area (two polygons). The polygons considered here are composed of line segments, and arcs or polynomial curves are […]