Park Generator 0.4.0, Rays Rule

New Rules Rays rule – ‘ray’-like partitioning of the input region Entrance positions need to be given as a list parameter, which informs where on the boundary the entrances should be placed. Changes New match condition, border – boundary-touching regions are selected. Technical Details Tested using Shape Fitting plugin – a Quad is provided in conjunction with […]

Park Generator 0.3.0, Cells Rule

 New Rules Cells rule – natural looking region partitioning (pictures above) smoothing X and Y junction symmetry Select rule – rewrite labels without modifying input geometry. Changes 01indexing modulation when attribute “selection_internal_minimal” is set (not equal to 0) – no boundary-touching edges are included in inner selection insert operator the second parameter changed to weight (from the number […]

Park Generator 0.2.0, Stochastic Selectors

General Changes Stochastic selectors Place rule – single CENTRE parameter placed shape in the middle of the region Attributes could be set using values of other attributes for instance set(a, 20) set(b, a) new attribute “elevation” specifies the amount to extrude upwards (push/pull) new type attribute “border” – sets stone-like material to the region and elevates 6 units up Scatter rule […]

Park Generator 0.1.0

General Changes Insert rule as a standalone rule Two new park examples demonstration of Place, Peel and Insert rule use fountain component added Two new region type attributes: “bushes” – set to get bush-like park region “loam” – for placement of trees and flowerbeds; default type for inserted regions. Grammar Changes set operator – insert/update attribute insert operator […]

Park Generator updates 0.0.4, 0.0.5

Smooth Cell Partitioning (v0.0.4) Splitting input region based on smoothed Voronoi Diagram cells works correctly now. Topological changes during reduction (edge collapse) is now handled correctly by the new algorithm. Public Release on Extension Warehouse (v0.0.5) The plugin is has now been officially released on SketchUp Warehouse! Other rule changes Rule rewrite/derivation sign is now same as in CGA, […]

Park Generator (alpha)

Park Generator v0.0.3 Quick Start Download and unpack the archive. README.txt found within describes how to install the Generator. Start SketchUp. Open Generator dialogue by going to menu Extensions -> Park Generator. Select a rule file which describes the park generation. An example rule file can be used initially. Set any optional parameters. Please note that rulefule will […]