Park Generator

park_generator 0.1.0 gridpark #3

Grid Park 3

Park Generator for SketchUp creates a park model based on text rules and an input region. The plugin is available at the SketchUp Extensions page, which also includes a quick start guide.

Park creation process consists of two parts: a) Generation of a layout b) Assignment of materials and distribution of objects within the new regions. Input region is where the park should be generated into and it is supplied to the Generator by selecting a face in SketchUp UI (Viewport). At the moment it is recommended to use a square or rectangular region (face). Textual rules are supplied in the file input of Generator Window UI. Rules are related to the CGA grammar rules of Esri CityEngine.

A single rule looks as follows:

MatchLabel --> RuleName(RuleParameter1, ...) { SelectorStatements1 } ...

Rule-based procedural generation starts by matching a label (MatchLabel) “Park” of a rule (RuleName)  to the input region. The rule is called producing other labelled regions (as specified in SelectorStatements blocks or Label Selector Lists). Labels of these regions are matched to appropriate rules found in the rest of the rule file and which are in turn called, and so forth until no more matching rules are found. The layout is then returned to SketchUp which places objects (those specified in Scatter rule) and assigns materials according to the type attribute.


Rule Parameters

Rule Statements