Cells Rule

Partitions input region into more natural looking “cell-like” quarters that resemble biological cells. Voronoi Diagram partitioning method is used.

Sample radius determines centre of a cell:

{ RegionList } { PathList } { JunctionList }

Alternatively number of samples can be requested and radius best matching radius will be guessed (this is currently a not very accurate procedure):

 { RegionList } { PathList } { JunctionList }

With an optional smoothing parameter:

cells(..., M(smoothing_factor))
 { RegionList } { PathList } { JunctionList }

Symmetry parameter is added at the end and is also optional:

cells(..., S(symmetry_id))
 { RegionList } { PathList } { JunctionList }
  • radius – minimum distance between any two path junctions; larger radius means fewer junctions. Alternatively number_of_samples can be used:
  • number_of_samples – specify actual number of junctions to place within the region. Algorithm tries to take a guess the appropriate radius, however the actual radius than the ideal one for the appropriate number of samples.
  • smoothing_factor – how much should the cells be smoothed by. Smoothing reduces a cell size.
  • symmetry_id
    • 0: no symmetry
    • 1: x symmetry
    • 2: y symmetry
    • 3: x and y symmetry (which is also a boolean AND of 1 and 2)
  • RegionList, PathList, JunctionList – label selector lists, as in Grid Rule.