Edge Placement Selection

NOTE currently scatter and place rules use different discreet selectors.

Most basic discrete selection is just a list of parameter values on the range [0, 1]:

[pos1, pos2, ... posn]

One can also specify the interval between the items:


It is possible to specify start offset

[offset_start : item_offset]

Or end offset:

[item_offset : offset_start]

Or  both:

[offset_start : item_offset : offset_end]
  • offset_start, offset_end (double), the distance between the start of the edge and the first item, or respectively end of the edge and the last item. double values
  • item_offset – either:
    • ninterval_count (int) – number of intervals between items; e.g. to place n items interval count is n-1
    • linterval_length (double) – desired interval length, could be less or more, depending on how many items fit in the area.