Insert Operator

Insert operator creates new geometry. Depending on the rule it is either ignored (e.g. Peel rule), optional (Centres of the Grid rule) or required (Insert and Place rules).

i(geometry_path, r1)
i(geometry_path, r1, r2)
  • geometry_path – a string that specifies new geometry to be inserted, either
    • builtin:<primtive_shape>” – a predefined shape based on primitives where <primitive_shape> is either circle, square or rhombus. r1 is the size of the shape. If r2 is specified, it is passed as size2 along y axis; in such case circle becomes an ellipse, and square – a rectangle.
    • iregion:shrink” – iregion is shrunk by r1 and used as the inserted shape
    • iregion:smoothen” – iregion is shrunk by r1 (see above) and then smoothed with r2 weight; if r1 is not given value 0.5 is used.
  • r1, r2 – extra parameters (mentioned above)

Insert a circle with radius 15% of the input region (provided rule accepts shape insertion) into a shape labelled InsertedCircle:

{ i("builtin:circle", %15) InsertedCircle }

…rhombus 20 wide and 15 high:

i("builtin:rhombus", 20, 15)