Analysis of Square Grid Parks

Square Parks


We consider a simple rectangular park first.

The first two images correspond to the layout and the photograph of the actual park.  Second park has more elaborate centre, entrances, corners and tree placement, but it still has the same structure and topology.

The third park also has a rectangular shape, however topology is different in that it has different number of entrances at each side and in addition it has 4 “dead-end” components.


Simple Park

A possible set of operation of construction of such a park

  • Create pathways
    • Add crossroads
    • Add Romb at the centre
    • subtract octagon shape from the centre for the fountain
  • Non-walkable regions
    • Extrude of split the outer rim
      • distribute trees equidistantly within the non-walkable strip
    • Add bush volumes
      • certain distance from the outer edge
      • different distances for the inner (path) edges
        • on one of the axes one more branching/turn is added
    • Position trees in the middle of the grass regions
      • tree region is inserted in the middle
  • Fountain
    • construction of the fountain considered separately. Static asset inserted

 Cornered Park

The additional operations can be added as follows:

  • Corners
    • Subtract Circles areas from the most outer (both edges of the vertices are outer) corners
    • Offset corner vertex from the centre
    • Place Tree regions
    • NOTE optional, consider that the outer area is walkable
  • Bush placement
    • Bush placement along the perimeter
    • Inner corner (those opposite to the outer corners) – different bushes
      • assumed circular extraction
      • take the are until the adjacent edges (dominant)
  • Trees
    • at some distance within the path edges

Oval Centred Park

Symmetry in one axis only.  New operations:

  • Closed/cul de sac regions
    • Rectangular regions subtracted, path inserted
    • bench inserted
    • Tree placed at the back
    • Space partitioning/collision detection (advanced)
  • Once side can have one or two or more paths going to the centre
  • Larger area subtructed from them middle
  • Subset-park operation!
    • Internal regions treated as a new park.
    • Bushes around the edge
    • Trees scattered (even if one)
  • Bush placement based on the collision/occlusion