Park Generator 0.2, Stochastic Selectors

General Changes

  • Stochastic selectors
  • Place rule – single CENTRE parameter placed shape in the middle of the region
  • Attributes
    • could be set using values of other attributes
      • for instance set(a, 20) set(b, a)
    • new attribute “elevation” specifies the amount to extrude upwards (push/pull)
    • new type attribute “border” – sets stone-like material to the region and elevates 6 units up
  • Scatter rule – samples that are placed along the edge (EDGE_SELECTION) are jittered by a small amount to make them look more natural.

Grammar Changes

  • place rule – third selector block is optional (will use the first for the second shape).

Technical Details

  • Attribute system is re-written. Global attribute evaluation is performed after the entire Rulefile is parsed (thus the order of assignment is not important). Shape attributes are evaluated during rule application
  • Grid rule fixes: path widths for non-rectangular input regions are evenly adjusted.