Park Generator 0.3, Cells Rule

 New Rules

  • Cells rule – natural looking region partitioning (pictures above)
    • smoothing
    • X and Y junction symmetry
  • Select rule – rewrite labels without modifying input geometry.


  • 01indexing modulation
    • when attribute “selection_internal_minimal” is set (not equal to 0) – no boundary-touching edges are included in inner selection
  • insert operator
    • the second parameter changed to weight (from the number of passes – see below); can be a random range value; 0.5 by default
  •  Smoothing
    • Adaptive smoothing: keep smoothing until the largest edge is less or equal to the threshold attribute “smoothing_len_threshold_max” (default: 10%)
    • Number of passes bounded by attributes:
      • smoothing_num_passes_min” (default: 1) – number of passes that is applied always
      • smoothing_num_passes_max” (default: 8) – upper limit in adaptive smoothing, stop at this number of passes regardless.

Technical Details

  • a default value for the second parameter in insert operator is set at run time instead of compile time (parsing).