Park generator 0.5 (pending approval)

Oversized junctions are now permissible.


  • SketchUp UI
    • The Park is placed into a Group instead of having all elements placed into the scene root. A previously generated park model can be selected and re-generated.
  • Grid
    • An option to have all vertical or all horizontal ‘stripe’ Path Sections, by setting either x or y rule parameters to zero, e.g. grid(0,4).
    • A Vertical and Horizontal Path Sections have the local orientation along its lengths, allowing more meaningful path productions by using Edge Angle selection.
    • Large Path Junctions are now possible, as long as they do not touch the neighbouring Sections and Junctions.

Technical Details

  • Changes to the Shrinking algorithm
  • Logging is cleared after an update
  • Rays inner_graph_thinout attribute allows thinning out of the inner graph, by varying the ratio between the spanning tree and the maximal planar graph.
  • Cells rule bug fixes
  • Grid rule:
    • Major Refactoring
    • Second-stage Bounding Box based Quarter Indexing. When centre-point indexing fails (which was and still is used by default) – for instance, if the Quarter centre is clipped away, a hint shape enclosing box is used to locate a quarter.
    • OBB indexing added (as described in the Thesis).
    • Large Junctions can co-exist with the neighbours by performing clipping in ‘checkerboard’ arrangement (see picture above).