Park Generator updates 0.0.4, 0.0.5

Smooth Cell Partitioning (v0.0.4)

Splitting input region based on smoothed Voronoi Diagram cells works correctly now. Topological changes during reduction (edge collapse) is now handled correctly by the new algorithm.

Public Release on Extension Warehouse (v0.0.5)

The plugin is has now been officially released on SketchUp Warehouse!

Other rule changes

  • Rule rewrite/derivation sign is now same as in CGA, “- ->”.
  • Grid rule parameters are changed to the number of cells, rather than number of paths. Namely grid(2, 2) specifies 2×2 cell arrangement instead of 3×3.

Stochastic Rule Parameters

Random ranges have been added. The earlier version allowed only fixed numbers in rule parameters, for instance grid(2, 3), now it is possible to do grid(ri(2..3), ri(2..4)). “ri” is Random Integer range, which means grid can be anywhere between 2 and 3 cells wide and 2 and 4 cells high (in xy plane). Distribution is uniform.

Label Selector Enhancements

Label selector list is used to select the derived label. Index-based (idx(2, odd): Label2), or just plain selectors are possible. Plain label is always selected, it can be optionally preceded with “else” keyword (e.g. else: Label3).  Label selectors are separated with “|”.