Place Rule

Inserts new shapes at an offset distance from the boundary.

place(boundary_selection, offset, locations)
 { ExtrudedSelectorList } { ShapeSelectorList } 
 { SubstrateSelectorList }
 { ExtrudedSelectorList } { ShapeSelectorList

When only a single argument “CENTRE” is given object is placed at the centre of the region.

  • boundary_selection (boundary selection) – subset of the input region boundary.
  • offset – how much to offset from the boundary – same parameter as to Peel rule. Can be an absolute value (floating number), a relative (in percent) or a random range.
  • locations – where to place inserted shapes. Either a list of floating numbers a repeat expression.
  • ExtrudedSelectorList, SubstrateSelectorList – label selector lists for extruded region and substrate region accordingly. Extruded region is the newly created region and the substrate region occupies the remaining space of the input region. SubstrateSelectorList is optional and when missing extruded selector list is used.

Because new shapes cannot be placed in the middle of the polygon the input region needs to be the subdivided along the line where the new shapes are inserted. Internally Place rule is implemented in terms of  Peel and Insert allowing to modify both peeled shapes at the same time.