SketchUp plugin: Disperse Components

For the lack of the available plugins (extensions) such that would randomly place (sample) objects within a given polygon I have decided to take a few days to write a plugin for SketchUp.  It uses Poisson disk sampling method as described by Bridson. Plugin uses C++ library built on the code I wrote for my Masters project.

Using the plugin is just a 2-operation process:

  1. Select Component instances as objects you wish to scatter and Faces where you want those objects to be placed.disperse-plugin-params
  2. In SketchUp menu select Plugins -> Disperse Components, optionally entering distribution parameters, and press OK. After a short while you should see the components dispersed copies.disperse-plugin-scattered

Not to forget the link to the mv_disperse_extension plugin (SU 2014/2015 SU for windows only currently)!

NOTE: currently in alpha stage so might not work as expected.

6 Replies to “SketchUp plugin: Disperse Components”

    1. Happy to see some interest! I would like to do a little bit more testing beforehand but now that you have mentioned EW I will look into it!

  1. Hi,

    Great addition to SketchUp. You can add it to the PluginStore too.

    Just create a dedicated thread at SketchUcation and we’ll get you set up.

    1. Thank you for the image Dan, I do appreciate that people are using the plugin!

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